The Entourage Effect, Everything You Need to Know

The entourage effect is a phenomenon that helps in maximizing the beneficial effects of CBD products. It usually occurs when multiple compounds in Hemp interact with one another for producing a synergistic physiological effect.

In the year 1998, two doctors called Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben Shabat suggested that the endocannabinoid system shows an entourage effect. They said that various inactive metabolites and other molecules enhance the activity of primary cannabinoids in the human body.
To put this simply, the entourage effect explains that the best CBD products are not independently responsible for the effects they leave on the body. There is a presence of other cannabinoids as well that improve the activity of CBD and its effects on physiological systems.


There is a misconception that this effect is known as the CBD entourage effect. CBD products play an important role in the synergistic effects produced by Hemp compounds working together. However, it is not accurate to label it as the most important part of the entire process.
In fact, no single Hemp component should be called the most important part of the entourage effect. All the working internal parts of Hemp play an important role even if a single Phytochemical component is missing. That said, some Hemp components play better roles in doing their job.
There is no denying that CBD plays an important role in the synergistic process but it is incorrect to call the entourage effect as CBD entourage effect.


A user of the best CBD products can use this information for his/her benefit. There is an overwhelming amount of CBD oil products that are out there in the market. Hence, it goes without saying that a high-quality CBD product should be made from premium Hemp.
A product like Koi Naturals CBD is made by sourcing Hemp from the best farms. Additionally, the Hemp used is completely organic in nature.
Hence, it is the responsibility of the users to make sure that they choose the best CBD products for consumption. The effectiveness and safety of the final product can help in producing high-quality plant material. In different words, only the best quality plants can produce high-quality CBD. This is a simple analogy.
According to the entourage effect, CBD is highly effective in the presence of other natural Hemp phytocompounds. Cannabinoids are influenced in the presence of compounds like Terpenes, and even some Hemp-derived Omega Acids.


Broad-spectrum CBD products contain a wide number of Hemp compounds. Based on a person’s needs, a type of CBD product may be preferred over another. See what works best for you and enjoy the benefits accordingly.

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