Switch to CBD Cigarettes to Quit Tobacco Smoking

At the present time, there are more than tonnes of products on the market that feature CBD as an important selling point. It has proven to do wonders for the health and wellness industry because of which it is touted by so many people for its amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. One of the CBD products that have come into the market to help people quit tobacco is CBD cigarettes. So many people prefer to use CBD and Hemp Oil to stop their habit of smoking tobacco.

Basically, the use of CBD cigarettes is a rather recent phenomenon but smoking Cannabis in place of tobacco is nothing new. For some time, many people have been turning to Cannabis because it helps them in keeping away from tobacco. So many people also find that a big problem related to quitting the habit of smoking is not that they miss the tobacco but that they miss the act of smoking and the distressing relief that it brings.


The fact is that CBD cigarettes smell so much better than tobacco cigarettes. In addition, they are not considered addictive or habit-forming. The CBD-rich hemp is usually full of aromatic terpenes and tasty flavonoids that give the Hemp cigarettes a rather amazing flavor profile especially compared to the flavor of tobacco.

In addition, CBD Hemp does not stain our clothes and furniture. It might even linger on for some time, but it has a sweet, fruity, and flavorful aroma that tends to dissipate within a few hours. As opposed to smoking half a dozen per day, CBD allows a person to smoke as needed not when you crave it for dependency.

Many studies have proven that CBD hemp products reduce tobacco consumption. Hence, they might be a great alternative in case you have been trying to quit nicotine for some time. Cannabis, in general, is associated with better health conditions, and hence CBD cigarettes can help people who are trying to quit the habit of smoking.


1)Leaving the Nicotine: Out of the multiple benefits of smoking CBD cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco is that it takes a person off the nicotine while also giving the person an authentic smoking experience. The urge to keep smoking is often there in people but at the very least, they can take comfort in knowing that what they are smoking in the form of CBD cigarettes will not harm them.

It is a known fact that Nicotine is extremely harmful. It is the leading cause of throat and lung cancer in many people all over the world. In addition, it is not only the smokers who get affected but the passive smokers get affected as well.

When you are smoking CBD cigarettes, what you are taking in is completely natural. CBD is not even psychoactive. It gets processed in a way that does not make you high. When you smoke the CBD cigarette, it gives you all the positive health benefits of the Hemp or Marijuana plant which is not similar to harmful synthetic chemicals.

2)Eases Stress: Many people intake tobacco because they feel that it is a good way to beat stress and anxiety. While it might not always be the case for many, a major number of people claim that smoking helps them relax. The negative side of this kind of relaxation is that the relief is short-lived and temporary.

On the other hand, the long-term consequences of being dependent on tobacco are far greater than the relief that it offers. CBD cigarettes are a good alternative for smoking tobacco. In case you are the kind of person who has become used to using tobacco cigarettes then a much better alternative is CBD.

One of its main ingredients CBD helps in targeting the body’s stress hormones and this goes beyond temporary relief. It improves a body’s endocannabinoid system in a way that you eventually learn to process the emotions better, forget stress, and anxiety.

3) Induces Better Sleep: Many smoking habits start to come late at night when a person is bored or has nothing to do. One might be thinking deeply about a problem because of which sleeping becomes trouble and you find yourself smoking tobacco again. This is a destructive habit that leads to the problem of chain-smoking.

The next time you feel like you are unable to sleep, you can try vaping CBD cigarettes or smoke. It is not psychoactive and your body does not get addicted to or dependent on it. You only get to experience the relaxing benefits of CBD that promote better sleep. Rather than keeping you up and smoking, you can find yourself wanting to sleep. In addition, the quantity of your sleep improves too.


The uncontrollable urge to smoke tobacco cigarettes has a lot to do with the brain’s response to cravings. Once you start smoking, you create a process of reinforced habits and behaviors. This also means that when you crave, you will give in and get a tobacco cigar. This may begin from one piece until you will find yourself being caught in the cycle of being a regular smoker. Smoking is one of the worst additions and pretty harmful.

On the other hand, when you smoke something like a CBD cigar, you are successful in breaking the cycle of addiction. The act of smoking will be present but you will be able to change it with a substance that does not create a habit of addiction and dependency on the mind.

That said, it must be known that CBD cigarettes are what offers the positive impact and not the Hemp or Marijuana in the raw state. In fact, Marihuana can be very addictive, but CBD cannot be that at any cost.


Choosing to smoke the CBD cigarettes when the smoking urge kicks in can help you in curbing any further damage while controlling the cravings for Nicotine. When this is done responsibly, you can slowly find yourself waving the tobacco cigars a goodbye for the better. What’s more, your health will be grateful to you as well.

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