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RAZ CA 6000 Disposable – Pom Pom Raz


Pom Pom Raz: Ripe pomegranates sing with juicy raspberries creating a delectable symphony of fruit flavors that will leave you wanting much more.

Let’s start with the basics – the puff count. Clocking in at a whopping 6000 puffs per device, this little gem promises an extended vaping experience that won’t leave you high and dry midway through your day. Whether you’re a casual vaper or a dedicated enthusiast, the RAZ CA6000 has got you covered.

But it’s not just about quantity – it’s about the quality of each puff. With its pre-filled premium e-liquid, the RAZ CA6000 delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience from the very first draw. Crafted with high-quality ingredients and expertly blended, the flavor profile is nothing short of tantalizing.

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