Honolulu Haze CBD | Honolulu Strain | CBD Honolulu


Honolulu Haze is a definite head buzzing strain with uplifting and overall relaxing effects. Uplifting in the sense that you’ll get a feeling of wellbeing and relaxing because it instills a certain confident calm moments after consumption.

You’ll feel mental clouds fade away and a sense of focus and declutter come over you at first. Then your shoulders and neck will start to relax as your cheekbones lift for a slight smile.

You don’t risk getting sleepy or distant minded so Honolulu Haze is a perfect strain for daytime enjoyment and it works very well in social settings.

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    Honolulu Haze is just as tropical and relaxing as the name implies. This is a strain that has become famous for it’s chilled-out vibe with light sativa qualities that make you feel great in both mind, body and soul.