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Bubba Kush CBD Strain | CBD Bubba Kush Strain


Bubba Kush CBD Strain is a CBD-rich kush strain descended from Pre-98 Bubba Kush.

There are several versions of how Bubba Kush CBD Strain came to be, and the story can be somewhat complicated. There was a boom in cannabis cultivation in the United States in the 1990s, and many growers mixed and matched genetics without knowing which strain was mixing with which.

Bubba Kush is said to have started in Colorado in the early 1990s by a grower named “Bubba.”

With the passage of time, skilled cultivators began breeding the THC levels out of Bubba Kush in order to create a CBD version of the popular cannabis strain.

The end result… A strong Indica strain that relaxes both the mind and the body. A great CBD bud for people who have trouble sleeping, are in pain or are anxious. Be prepared to be knocked out. CBD from Bubba Kush takes no prisoners.