Lake Harvest

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  • Lake Harvest Natural CBD Tincture


    Simple. Natural. Powerful. Enjoy the purest taste of Lake Harvest full-spectrum CBD blend. Packed with the highest quality CBD available, Lake Harvest Natural flavor delivers the pleasant, natural taste of CBD in its rawest form.

  • Lake Harvest Orange CBD Tincture


    Lake Harvest Orange savors the smooth, sweet taste of fresh oranges. Blending 100% natural orange flavoring with Lake Harvest full-spectrum CBD blend, Lake Harvest Orange provides the restorative benefits of the highest quality CBD available with a little taste of sunshine.

  • Lake Harvest Peppermint CBD Tincture


    Experience the minty fresh taste of Peppermint. Blending 100% natural Peppermint flavoring with Lake Harvest full-spectrum CBD blend, Lake Harvest CBD Peppermint provides restorative benefits from the highest quality CBD available.

  • Lake Harvest Thc Free Peach


    Our Lake Harvest CBD Peach tincture is formulated to provide an exceptional experience for the user. Instead of designing it to be an unflavored and unpleasant liquid to swallow, we spent months finding the perfect balance of natural Peach flavor extracts to make this product a sheer joy to use. Not only does it taste great but it also works extremely well! THC FREE Peach has shown to be excellent for help with the following: Systemic muscle and joint discomfort, balanced mood, balanced appetite, a restful night’s sleep, and managing the stress and anxiety of everyday life.