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  • Buy Sleep Vape Pen | Best CBD Pen for Sleep

    The Canna Hemp Sleep Vape Pen is a convenient way to enjoy CBD at home or on the go. Delight in the fruity and floral taste of red mandarin while enjoying the effects of CBD! This CBD sleep pen features a special TerpFX blend of terpenes including myrcene, linalool, and carene. This disposable CBD pen for sleep is derived from US-grown hemp and contains over 200 mg of CBD. This rechargeable vape pen for sleep does NOT require a separate battery.

  • Canna Hemp Vape Pen – Calm

    Our Calm Vape Pen formula offers the effects of CBD and a custom TerpFX terpene blend of myrcene, nerolidol and linalool. Delight in its woodsy aroma punctuated by citrusy bergamot!

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  • Canna Hemp Vape Pen – Focus

    Our Focus vape pen features a customized TerpFX terpene blend of citral, alpha-pinene, and valancene. Enjoy the effects of CBD and a refreshing flavor of lip-smacking Citrus that will have your taste buds awake in no time!

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  • Canna Hemp Vape Pen – Relief

    Our Relief Vape Pen offers the effects of CBD plus its special TerpFX terpene blend of myrcene and linalool. Enjoy its tart and tangy punch of sweet and sour limes!


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  • Disposable CBD Vape Pen | CBD Vape Pen Disposable

    Disposable CBD Vape pensĀ from Hemp and Barrel come in strengths of CBD ranging from 100mg to 500mg.

    Some people use cannabidiol (CBD) products for their possible medical benefits, but research is still going on. Vaping is one way that CBD users get the chemical into their bodies. Some studies show that vaping CBD could help treat things like pain and anxiety.

    Our CBD Vape Pen Disposable is an easy and cheap way to use CBD.

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