How Much CBD Should You Be Taking Optimally?

If you are new to consuming CBD products then it is rather natural for you to consider how much should you be taking? After all, it is a new product and you would want to be safe with the optimal amount that must be consumed rightfully.

However, the fact of the matter is that the right amount of CBD consumption varies from person to person, particularly because there is no one size fits all approach.

It can be easily said that optimal CBD consumption is majorly dependent on factors such as age, weight, the condition that has to be treated, sex of the person, etc. Regardless, in this blog, we will understand how much CBD a person should be taking ideally?

  1. How You’re Taking It: There are a couple of best CBD products to choose from. This matters when it comes to choosing how much should a person take, how it must be absorbed, and how quickly it affects the body.  

Some of the forms include natural CBD oil, edibles, vaping, creams and lotions, pills, and capsules. The doses of these forms vary from being a standard of 5 mg per gummy to the tinctures and oils containing over 1 mg per drop. It must be noted that the capsules and edibles can take longer to kick in.

  1. Condition To Be Treated: The consumption of CBD helps in treating a wide number of problems ranging from arthritis pain, nausea, insomnia, menstruation, etc. The purpose you are using it for matters while deciding how much amount is correct for CBD consumption.

For instance; in the treatment of pain, it is always suggested to begin slowly with only a few milligrams twice a day and increasing the same amount with time if there is no desired relief. This recommendation of dosage may change with different conditions.

  1. CBD With Other Medications: In case a person has been on any other medications, it is very important to know just how much CBD is important. This is because even though CBD is well absorbed, any problem arising because of drug interaction must be ruled out.

Sometimes, CBD products can end up interacting with blood thinners, antidepressants, immunity suppressants, etc. Hence, if a person is on any other medication, it is important to consult a doctor before taking CBD.

  1. Time Taken By CBD To Effect: This is majorly reliant on how CBD is taken. Consuming CBD edibles like gummies leads to slower digestive absorption because the time taken by CBD to get in the body leads to a fairly low amount of CBD in the body. 

On the other hand, consuming CBD tincture oil leads to quicker absorption that goes directly into the bloodstream.

Summing It Up:

If you do not feel immediate effects of CBD then do not jump the gun and overdose on it again. This can become one of the common reasons to end up with unwanted effects. 

CBD is mostly well absorbed in the body, but this does not indicate that you can take large amounts from the beginning. As a beginner, it is always advised to start small, ask a professional, and consume it before bedtime. 

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