Environmental Benefits of Hemp

Hemp is one of the best crops in the world because of its versatile nature. Right from paper to plastic, the hemp crop offers an amazing way to live in peace with the environment. For understanding the environmental impact of Hemp, it is important to understand the capability of this crop.

Industrial Hemp comes from the same family such as Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa, and is also often incorrect for pot while being stop because of this association.

However, the fact is that Hemp does not produce the same levels of THC commonly available in Marijuana and is not really use for recreational purposes.

Hemp is also use for its medicinal properties because of its use in CBD tincture oil and other supplements.

What makes industrial Hemp an attractive and sustainable alternative is its multiple environmental benefits. The constructive impacts exists in three areas social, ecological, and economic.


1) Hemp is Pesticide Resistant: With the use of chemicals, fungicides, and pesticides, there can be many harmful effects on the environment including water, soil, and air which results in biodiversity and illnesses.

Some of the largest industrial crops such as soybeans and cotton are grown with the use of intensive pesticides causing a severe impact on global chemical use.

The process of planting and harvesting hemp eliminates the harmful use of chemical controllers. This is because natural hemp is highly resilient and naturally resistant to insects, diseases, and fungi. Therefore, the farmers do not have any use of chemicals for managing their crops when they grow Hemp.

Reliance on natural plants such as Hemp may also benefit agricultural development such as climate change poses a threat to food security and production while causing potential supply shortages.

2) Medicinal Uses of Hemp: Hemp is not just good for the planet but for us as well. In addition to being use as a cooking ingredient, it can use for reaping benefits in other ways as well.

This is all the more true in case you wish to calm down, recharge, or want some relief from aches and pains.

One of the big uses is definitely is Lake Harvest Orange CBD tincture oil which is also one of the most versatile products that can obtained from Hemp.

There are also many ways to take Hemp orally which has then proven to offer relief from things such as period pain and anxiety. More than anything, it also boosts your overall level of wellness.  

The omega balance makes it one of the best things to use for your heart health and in fact it can also be beneficial for your skin.

It can interact with your body in different ways when applied topically while also offering many benefits for problems such as acne, hair treatments, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, soothing rough skin patch, etc.

3) Shortening the Carbon Cycle: As oppose to the petroleum which grows out of the fuel from annual plants, the carbon that is release into the atmosphere gets capture by the next year’s growth.

With a long term build up of carbon in the atmosphere that comes from fuel burning, a better solution needs to be locate. In this case, Hemp helps a lot because of its fast growing nature. It can be a major contender in the processing of bio based fuels.


4) Oil Fertility: Hemp can easily grown in a wide range of terrains and on different soil types as well. It also forms deep roots as it helps in holding the soil together which then prevents soil erosion.

In fact, Hemp is also very helpful in increasing the microbial content of the soil and the incredible benefits that it is capable of offering do not just end there.

The leaves and stem of the Hemp plant are extremely rich in nutrients. After the harvest, these nutrient dense remnants of the Hemp plant can easily returned to soil rejuvenating for a rich yield.

5)Used for Making Clothes: The environmental benefits of Hemp farming must be pretty clear to you by now. However, how does it compare once we start processing the raw product into a fabric?

The fact is that the Hemp fabric can process organically, but many companies produce Hemp fabric chemically. This chemical process is very intensive on the environment but is quick and cheap to create.

Sometimes you can tell that a Hemp fabric has gone through an intensive process in case it is tag as Hemp Viscose.

This involves the similar harmful processing with toxic chemicals just as regular viscose. Some companies might also use the less impactful lyocell process so that it is worth checking before purchasing.

Regardless, Hemp includes a very sustainable and a low impact crop that can easily converted into fabric sustainably and is also a better option for artificial fibers.

6)Hemp is Grown Easily: As against to many other plant species, Hemp can grown in a broad range of climates. This means that the environmental benefits of Hemp can be experience universally.

Hemp seeds are also highly nutritious because they offer a source of protein, essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

For any disadvantaged and poor countries of the world, the farming of Hemp is actually a great way to provide nourishment along with improving the soil fertility for other foods.


The mankind has been cultivating Hemp for many years and some experts even believe that Hemp one of the best domesticated crops by humans.

Given the benefits of this amazing crop, it is time we return to using it for the common good.

Using the Hemp products is not going to solve the world’s problem but it is start in the right direction. It has a potential to have a clean and green planet for the coming generations. So we should not wait longer and jump to using Hemp for the better. 

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