CBD Extraction from Hemp: Three Common Methods

Even though it might not seem so important, there are different ways in which the CBD oil gets extracted from Hemp. It produces highly different end products and can also have different impacts on health. Hence, it is significant to understand how the process in which CBD gets extracted from Hemp.

There is an ever-growing awareness of the benefits of CBD which has, in turn, helped it to become extremely renowned in the last few years. Pure CBD oil gets produced and manufactured in the form of topical creams, edibles, and oils, all of which can help people in different ways.


CBD or cannabidiol has turned into a highly debated and looked after component derived from the cannabis plant in the past few years. It has been known the world over for the multiple benefits it brings to the table and the beneficial qualities that it offers. It helps people deal with mental illness, sleep issues, cancer patients, and even nausea.

Natural CBD oil has been trusted by so many people for a long time owing to the benefits that it offers. Other than understanding the different methods of extracting CBD from hemp, one must take the differences between full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates into complete consideration.


The most important reason why it is important to extract koi CBD oil is to separate the cannabinoid and make a concentrated form that is easily consumable for humans. Chewing on raw cannabis is not just unpleasant, but it also does not have the desired effect as a concentrated extract. The cannabinoids in cannabis are much more effective if they are decarboxylated.

Drying of the cannabis causes partial decarboxylation and with smoking, the cannabinoids get decarboxylated instantly. This makes them quickly absorbable by inhalation. On the other hand, ingesting cannabinoids with capsules, edibles, and oils requires decarboxylation so that our bodies can take the benefit of digestion.

In addition, cannabis in its entirely raw form can also host a wide range of microbes that can present a health risk if it is not purified and extracted. This extraction process eliminates all unwanted components such as lipids, plant waxes, etc. that might cause harm to our health.


This begins with finding a rich CBD plant source that can be used to extract from. Good companies understand this, which is the reason why they use organically grown Hemp.

It is further important to be mindful about where a company extracts its CBD oil from because some Hemp sources can be contaminated with toxic chemicals like pesticides, metals, undesirable chemicals, etc. With a properly followed extraction method, almost all desirable components in the plants are maintained as they are.


Extraction methods differ by their end result and the impact they have on their environment. Most organizations follow three common methods of extracting CBD:

1)Solvent Extraction: This kind of extraction includes the use of butane, propane, isopropyl, alcohol, ethanol, etc. for extracting CBD hemp oil. It is an inexpensive option and is also very fast and easy. However, this method can be dangerous because of the highly inflammable contents of the liquid.

The solvent extraction method dissolves plant waxes which end up holding some nutrients. It extracts the cannabinoids and chlorophyll which gives some products a much bitter taste.

For beginning the liquid solvent process, plant trimmings and flowers are put inside a container after which the solvent is soaked through the material and stripped off cannabinoids. The evaporation leaves concentrated cannabinoids in an oil-like form. The solvent can sometimes be toxic in case it is not entirely eliminated during the evaporation step.

2)CO2 Extraction: As the CBD companies are flourishing internationally, extracting CBD with the help of the CO2 method has turned into an advanced method. It requires quite an investment because it is expensive and complex, but anytime done successfully, it is safe, potent, and chlorophyll-free extraction.

Some of the most premium pure CBD oil producers prefer using this method because it brings a much better and safer quality product to the consumers. The final product that comes out of this extraction will have lower chances of contaminants.

Generally, the CO2 extraction is carried by using a closed-loop extractor with the machine containing three prominent chambers. The first chamber holds pressurized and solid CO2 or dry ice, the second chamber contains dried plant material and the final chamber separates the final product.

3)Olive Oil: The extraction process using Olive Oil is one of the oldest methods of extracting CBD oil. Many CBD companies rely on it as the best method because it is safe, affordable, and simple.

The process starts with a raw plant material getting heated to the desired temperature for a specific time so that the chemicals in the plant get activated. Olive Oil and plant material get combined and heated again which helps in extracting cannabinoids. The Olive Oil is never evaporated which is why the resultant extract is not concentrated.

The only issue that might arise with Olive Oil extraction is that it is perishable in nature. It should be kept cool and dark for working well for the needs of multiple CBD producers.


Although there are both pros and cons to every extraction method, we know that CO2 extraction is considered the most beneficial. It produces the highest quality concentration of CBD and is also one of the safest extraction methods that leave behind no toxic residue.

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